Arm Candy DVD (S)

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Surrounded by candy colors–pink, green, orange, yellow–Brian Bonds is ready to dip his fist into Brandon Moore‘s glazed hole! With back and forth strokes, Brian alternates hands to stretch out Brandon’s tight sphincter. Brandon, in his orange gear, raises his perfect round ass in the air to give Brian the ultimate deep access to his chute. Slick, clear lube adds a shine to Brandon’s firm, round butt, and Brian’s bulge swells inside his pink-striped jockstrap.

Unable to contain his boner any longer, Brian grasps his thick candy stick with his left hand and strokes himself, keeping his right hand occupied with stretching Brandon’s rear end. Brandon rolls over onto his back and lifts his legs in the air, giving Brian his first glimpse of the pink passage. Eagerly, Brian gains access inside Brandon’s man cave all the way up to his wrist. A slap on the center of Brandon’s gaping hole makes lube splash into the air. They bring up the intensity, and Brian reaches a sweet climax. He shoots his thick, creamy load with one hand still probing Brandon’s hole.
Brian Bonds, Brandon Moore, David Benjamin, Dominic Pacifico, Dylan Saunders, Dolan Wolf 
Christian Owen
Vereinigte Staaten
Club Inferno
90 Minuten

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