Dartigues Retractor

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76,75 €

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Beautiful polished stainless steel, if you want something more than your regular speculum.

Squeeze handles and the retractor opens and is held in place by tooth to tooth mechanism.

Made of stainless steel with rounded edges the Dartigues Retractor is a sturdy speculum that has a length of 30 cm an can open as far as 15 cm.

Suitable for vaginal and anal play

Kiotos Steel products are made of 100% Stainless Steel, this ensures the highest quality of Steel products available today. Cleaning your toys is easy with Kiotos Toycleaner.

Länge 30 cm

Rohgewicht 554 gram

Netto Gewicht 305 gram with lock

Marke Kiotos Triune Steel

Funktionen Opens from 4 cm to 14 cm

Hergestellt durch Triune Trading Company

Material & Qualität solid austenitic Stainless steel

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