Guys Gone Wild: Southern Boys DVD

Mantra Films
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Hey y'all... ready for some Southern exposure with Guys Gone Wild: Southern Boys? Their camera crews took a ride on the highways and back roads all over the South and found a ton of young sexed-up hotties ready to strip and show you they can be nice and nasty!

Wait 'til you meet 18 year-old Jacob, a hockey player with a huge stick who knows how to turn on his Southern ways to charm the puck out of you. Watch as he lubes up his whole body and takes you to a huge happy ending! Next is Preston, 20, a construction worker from Georgia. He's a true gentleman but is ready to get down and dirty, and can handle his big tool when the time arises. Then see 21 yeard-old Mark get nekkid and show you how he likes to use both hands to finish a man's job. He gives Southern hospitality a whole new meaning. And you totally won't believe your eyes when 18 year-old Southern boys Choncy, Jeff, Preston and Luke jerk on the bus together and start their own contest. Let's just say the talent portion will blow you away!

It's time for Guys Gone Wild: Southern Boys. The south will rise again and again!

Choncy, Jacob, Jeff, Luke, Mark, Preston 
Vereinigte Staaten
Mantra Films
60 Minuten

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