I'd Hit That! DVD (S)

Raging Stallion
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The sexual impulse happens at first sight. You can see it in the eyes of a hot stud when he looks at you and thinks, ‘I'd Hit That’. Chemistry happens instantly, and these eight studs are ready to turn their impulses and fantasies into fiery and cum-filled reality. They hit it, and director Steve Cruz captures every glance that leads to every blowjob, that leads to every stroke and every explosive orgasm. Tegan Zayne's ass would give any top instant wood, and Bennett Anthony knows the perfect combination of tongue, fingers and cock to incite a sensuous ass fucking that brings them to sexual delirium. Bottom Chris Harder knows how to take charge of a top to get what he wants, and he wants to get it hard from Derek Maxum's triple handful of cock. Max Gianni has the perfect bubble butt to give Armando de Armas' cock a slick and sweaty workout, with loads of hot jizz as a reward for them both. Adam Ramzi and Wesley Woods do it all. Their tongue-sucking, rimming, double blowjob, flip-fuck combines the unstoppable force of their lust with two rock-hard, muscular bodies. Every man here will have you saying, ‘I'd Hit That’ and the earth-shattering sex and explosive orgasms will have you shooting your load time and time again.
Tegan Zayne, Bennett Anthony, Chris Harder, Derek Maxum, Armando De Armas, Max Gianni, Adam Ramzi, Wesley Woods 
Steve Cruz
Vereinigte Staaten
Raging Stallion
90 Minuten

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