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It’s the middle of the night, and Kamil Fox and Leon Ramon are feeling as horny as fuck. Not that that should come as any great surprise given the fact that their beds are either side of Alex Stevens, who as we all know is a total slut for dick and would surely excite even a eunuch into a life of debauchery. Alas for Fox and Ramon, however, the young twink is fast asleep at this point and as such is totally unaware that his two army buddies have their cocks out and are eagerly wanking away. It won’t surprise you too much, however, to discover that that’s not a situation that lasts for long. Getting up from his bed, Ramon promptly wakes the sleeping beauty and demands that the boy sucks his dick – at which point Fox jumps up, switches the light on and joins in the fray. It’s a midnight surprise for Stevens, that’s for fucking sure; but as anyone who knows him realises it’s exactly the kind of impromptu escapade that he excels at! Just a few moments on from being abruptly startled from his slumber he’s downing both hard dicks for all he’s worth; before being bundled onto his back so that his brothers-in-arms can rim his arse in anticipation of the fucking that’s now very firmly on the cards. It’s one hot, sweaty encounter that’s for sure – and things are all set to get a whole fucking lot hotter when first Ramon and then Fox bang away at Stevens’ arse in turn, spit-roasting the cute bitch in the process. Little wonder that Stevens is soon rupturing his nads as a result; whilst the two tops douse him with jizz, leaving his chin literally dripping with spunk in the process!
Kamil Fox, Leon Ramon, Alex Stevens 
Vlado Iresh
Raw Scenes
21 Minuten


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